Mental Health Advice in Lincolnshire

Please find below several advice and support services available

Don’t bottle up your feelings -Talking helps

Call the confidential emotional and mental health support line in Lincolnshire – Mental Health Matters

Our experienced support workers will provide you with emotional support, advice and guidance.

Call: 0800 001 4331

Available 24/7


Mental health and emotional wellbeing advice line for young people, parents and carers

Call: 0800 234 6342

Available 24/7

Lincolnshire Mental Health Advisor Helpline

An advice line for those supporting people with their mental health

Call: 0303 123 4000

Available 24/7

Steps2change – talking therapies

Anyone over the age of 16 can self-refer or contact their GP for a referral to our steps2change talking therapies service.

The Lincolnshire APT Service –

Lincolnshire’s Recovery College

People over the age of 16 can access free educational courses on mental health and wellbeing through the Lincolnshire Recovery College.

Lincolnshire Recovery College –

For more information please contact, or visit

Further help

Further help is available should you need it:

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Date published: 14th December, 2021
Date last updated: 14th March, 2022