How to register

We have an open list and welcome requests for registration from patients living in or moving to the practice area.

If you live in our practice area and would like to register with us, please collect a registration form from reception or download them. To help us register you, please bring your NHS medical card (or NHS number) and proof of identify as it will help us locate you on the NHS system. You can register at either site and use the services at both of them. On registration you can express a preference of Doctor, but you may see any GP or member of our team.

Please click here to register with Marisco Medical Practice online (Available in multiple Languages). Your registration will be processed and it may take up to 2 working days until you’re registered. You’ll receive a confirmation when your registration form has been submitted and when you’re fully registered with us.

Where patients are requesting to join the practice list, the practice does not discriminate on the grounds of:

  1. Race, gender, social class, religion, sexual orientation or appearance.
  2. Disability or medical condition.

If you are in our area for a short time and require medical treatment you are able to register with Marisco Medical Practice as a temporary resident. This gives you the same access to general practice services as permanently registered patients but for a limited time; this allows for continuity of your care until you return to your regular GP.

If you are registered with another practice locally, it is essential that you attend your own practice where your medical notes are available.

Temporary residents

You can register as a temporary resident with Marisco Medical Practice if you are in our area for more than 24 hours, but NO LONGER THAN 3 MONTHS. If you are going to be resident in the practice area for more than 3 months YOU MUST REGISTER AS A PERMANENT PATIENT.

To help us register you as a temporary patient please provide:

  • Identification (e.g Driving licence)
  • NHS card or NHS number

If there are repeat medications that you require please also provide us with:

  • A repeat medication slip or ask your doctor to fax your repeat medications to us (ask reception for assistance with this)

Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 27th March, 2024